Malcolm Eves: No resolution to Middle East situation

Malcolm Eves.

By Malcolm Eves

The raging debate in your letters column between Israel cynics and "the pilgrim faithful" is amusing but sad.

The Christians are never going to be persuaded that Israel, as I believe, behaves as a rogue state responsible for the merciless slaughter of thousands of Palestinians under the leadership of Netanyahu and the other Israeli Prime Ministers before him. I would suggest that this is because they believe that the Jews are God's chosen people (meaning they can do what they like and it must be God's will), so whatever the crime, they look to excuse the appalling behaviour.

It's impossible for Palestinians to negotiate, no one "negotiates" with Netanyahu, in a normal give and take manner, it's only his way and he cares not one bit for global condemnation of his assault on Palestinians as, I believe, he has American neocon Zionist Jews politically behind him and the hoodwinked US taxpayer haplessly funding him to the tune of billions of dollars each year calculated at about $US11 million each day.

With a newly signed pact between Israel and Washington for $US38 billion over the next 10 years it's not going to stop any time soon.

I suggest that anyone wanting to see the truth of the just how much Palestinian land has been stolen by the Israelis since 1946 should simply use their home PC and google "Palestine map-loss of land" to see that Palestine has virtually been wiped from the face of the earth already, land confiscated, buildings bulldozed and any Palestinian commercial activity on a daily basis continually frustrated by the Israeli military such that Palestinians starve in what was once their homeland.

Once more the spineless United Nations, simply an arm of US foreign policy, has for years proven gutless in stopping Israel committing atrocities against Palestine, the fact that the US voted against the recent resolution a mere hiccup as Obama seeks to spite incoming President Donald Trump having a smooth transition by giving his political adversary Netanyahu the two fingers and also attempting sabotage of the likelihood of friendly relations between Trump and Putin.

Obama's sign-off is all sour grapes and admission of failure of his presidency. Only Jimmy Carter ever came close to sorting Israeli-Palestinian differences and he ended up despised by the neocon establishment that he described as the ruling oligarchy in America.

More importantly is understanding the bigger picture of war in the Middle East and the Zionist plan for greater Israel. Also known as the "Yinon Plan", according to the founding father of Zionism Theodor Herzl, "the area of the Jewish State stretches: "From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates."

According to Rabbi Fischmann, "The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon". This is being played out now with the destruction of Iraq and now Syria by the US backing the al-Qaeda rebels as they have now openly admitted.

So the likelihood of any resolution of this issue is simply not going to happen, any Arab state left standing is going to come under attack either by Israel itself or by Israel's lapdog, the United States of America.

- Malcolm Eves is a retired Hawke's Bay financial adviser and runs a blog called Kiwiwatch. Views expressed here are the writer's personal opinion, and not the newspaper's.

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09:51 pm Tuesday 10 January 2017
Nathan, can you explain how you can be a Jewish Christian? The Jewish religion doesn't believe that Jesus was the Messiah.


- Auckland Region
09:51 pm Tuesday 10 January 2017
@ Pauline - 10:02 PM Thursday, 5 Jan 2017
Refreshing to hear this.
There is so much that goes on, from those claiming to be
Christian, that is clearly far removed from the teachings
of the founder of the movement.


10:02 pm Thursday 05 January 2017
Malcolm...I am a Christian and follow the teachings of Christ in my daily living. I assure you I support our Government stance at the UN a 100%...any one who does support Israel occupation, supports evil. I support the UN resolution NZ introduced and appose Israels behavior in the occupation of this land as I believe in the ten commandments and believe should not only read but be lived in our daily lives.

Something Israel has chosen NOT to do kills at whim ( 2014 Gaza the terrorist action which killed and maimed thousands steals what it wants ( Palestine land ) UN resolution and It tells lies about its neighbours and coverts its neighbours property.

It says the land belongs to them based on ancient relationships...this is false as most of the Israel residents come from Europe and their roots are in Europe and relationship ie DNA with ancient times within the Palestine people.

So Malcolm I assure you MOST Christians like me are horrified at Israel action of terrorism against the Palestines, and if Europe does go ahead with sanctions against Israel I believe then we as a country should support Europe in its action and instigate sanctions at Israel.


10:02 pm Thursday 05 January 2017
Did you miss the weeks of aerial bombardment with jet bombers on Palestine areas, it was on news for ages. Estimated half million civilians killed, multiple city blocks reduced to ruins.
Great article Malcom and top marks for HBT in allowing this freedom of speech. You know NZ made the right choice when w ehave Pauline Hansons extremist party saying we are bad. Its time Israel behaved like an adult nation and stopped bullying its neighbours with its billions of dollars of foreign aid funded 1st world weaponry.

Warwick G

10:02 pm Thursday 05 January 2017
Israelis are already given special treatment here in New Zealand. Couple years back in Selwyn two Israelis grew 25 kilos of weed, filled a house with drying buds that reeked so much people got stoned walking past on the footpath
Charges totally dismissed.


03:41 pm Thursday 05 January 2017
Malcolm I am saddened by your article. As is often the case when people are discussing Isreali/Palestinian issues you have used broad generalisations.
I am very interested to see your evidence of "his assault on Palestinians". What, or which assault are you referring to?
I will, for the sake of honesty come clean from the get-go. I am a Jewish Christian who has travelled to Israel & the Westbank multiple times.
It is true that Israel shows no interest in removing settlements, this is both internally political, ie limiting Netanyahu's power at home, and political internationally. The issue lies with what happened after Isreal left Gaza in 2005. This allowed Hamas to build up weapons and launch attacks on civilian targets.
I feel your article is very biased and fails to show any alternative side. A simple google search of 'flat earth theory' reveals that people believe in that as well as Santa.
Isreal has had a continued connection with the land and Palestine was never a nation, rather a Roman description of the land.
You are allowed an opinion, but you should not squash others in the process. Especially if you don't have a full understanding of the issues in play.


- Hastings
03:40 pm Thursday 05 January 2017
The Jewish people since the beginning of time and now latterly Israel itself have been subjected to endless repression, suppression and military aggression. Now the worm has turned and Israel have the ability to not only defend them self but to put to the sword any aggressors some people just don't like it. Some just can't get their head around this. Israel chose never again to be bullied and you are seeing that playing out now in the region. Trying to bully Isreal wont stop as you see with this article but now due to Israels ability for self defence the bullying can never be more than pretence and puffery. You will have to find another victim to bully Malcom Eves and your fellow travelers.


03:40 pm Thursday 05 January 2017
Malcom now watch your honesty get turned into a debate with nothing but a diatribe of religious references (read Hebrew superstition) and a Christian sideshow (God botherers) who have to justify their own and each others existance by siding with the most brutal regime in the entirity of the middle east. My family lost two sons fighting for Israel post WW2. If they and their British regiment knew of todays Isreal then they would be ashamed.


03:40 pm Thursday 05 January 2017
Religion is the biggest problem the world has and has been since man imagined there was a God and wrote some mad books on it and humans were too dumb and ignorant to know better. Now we know it's all a con and it's time we moved on. We can all care for each other but religion gets in the way... just check the news every night. WTF is the matter with mankind??

Warwick G

03:40 pm Thursday 05 January 2017
Fine article here Malcom.

Main thing is not to bring their hate into our country, if some
NZders feel so strongly in favour of Israel then they should go.

Better not turn your back for a while thou & watch out for strangely bearded men carrying umbrella.

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