Sideswipe: Lost and found

"Hey anyone been down Hahei recently and lost a key," posts Stuart on Facebook. "Or their false teeth. Down on the notice board if you have. You're welcome."

By Ana Samways

Blind spot for poor parking

Sideswipe readers will be pleased to know that if they need to park in one of those streets with pesky parking restrictions, dotted yellow lines or near an exorbitant Wilson carpark, there are safe alternatives, writes Andrew Simmons. "Parking like this is apparently perfectly okay these days as long as you don't block the footpath. Faced with situations like this, parking wardens will simply shrug and say they've been told to ignore it, never mind the damage to the berm or possible visibility issues." Click here for picture.

Ours is not to question why

"In the good old days when a leg of lamb was affordable, many a Sunday we enjoyed roast lamb as did most Kiwi families," writes a reader. "I well remember dear mother always cutting around four inches from the hoof and bending the leg piece back at right angles. I on one occasion asked mum why she did this, having seen her do it many times over the years. She explained that grandma did it that way and having learnt all her cooking from her mother, she has always done exactly the same. On my next visit to see nana, I asked why she always cut the leg of the roast lamb before placing it in the oven and she replied, "I only had a small roasting dish and had to cut the leg to fit the lamb in."

Patient or lazy?

"I collect my daughter at 2.30pm from a kindy right next to a school," writes a mother. "Due to problems with my pregnancy I can't walk far, so have started turning up early so I can get a park close by. I noticed another parent that turns up about 2pm so they can get the closest park to the school! They then proceed to sit in the car doing nothing until the kids come out of school after 3pm. Have some people really got so little to do they can waste five hours a week sitting in the car doing nothing? Just so the kids don't have to walk more than a few metres? I also happened to notice one day that the said parent lives about 10 minutes' walk away from the school."

* Maybe the parent has problems, say in her pregnancy, and can't walk far ... just an idea.

Family air-loom ready for its second wind - so sneer yourself a bargain.
Family air-loom ready for its second wind - so sneer yourself a bargain.

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10:40 pm Tuesday 23 May 2017
Re: Patient or lazy?

Perhaps the woman is able to spend five hours a week waiting in her car, because she doesn't spend time writing inane criticisms to the newspaper about other people who are doing no harm and about whom she knows nothing.

"Judge not others, lest you be judged yourself. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you used."


10:39 pm Tuesday 23 May 2017
Re: patient or lazy?
How do you know they're doing nothing unless you're watching them the whole time?
Just because you can't see a disability doesn't mean that there isn't one; even if the parent is capable, maybe the child isn't. Or maybe they need to leave in a hurry coz they have somewhere to be at 3:30?

Golden Oldie

- New Zealand
10:39 pm Tuesday 23 May 2017
Re. parking close to kindy at 2/00 p.m. Living directly opposite a primary school I see several vehicles arriving around this time and the occupants sitting for an hour [on 'phones, reading books, seat back napping]. I've always assumed they finished work around this time and chose not to go home then come back out for school pick-up ? Maybe I just like to give people the benefit of the doubt rather than always assuming the worst about them !


- Hamilton
10:39 pm Tuesday 23 May 2017
A Mum that lives across the road from me who has 2 primary aged children, drives her children to school each morning. Their back gate opens on to the school field. The kids are out and about on their bikes and scooters after school and on the wekends but cant/wont walk across the field to school each morning. I dont know if there are mdical issues but judging by the kids antics after school and such, I dont think so. It boggles my mind why they dont walk.

Graham H

- Australia
10:39 pm Tuesday 23 May 2017
Dear Anna, in the good old days even legs of lamb were expensive for some, we used to eat mutton, cooked for longer , bigger joint, and half the cost. I now live in Australia, and I cant find mutton for love or money. I was in France recently, saw NZ lamb on sale in Beaune for 17.00 Euro a leg (Euro 9.20 per kg). Countdown have their standard price at a similar level, on special today at NZD $11.99, so thats something I suppose. makes you wonder what our farmers are getting for export lamb?

Mike Lorax

10:39 pm Tuesday 23 May 2017
You know its all gone mad when you are number 22 in the queue to speak to Immigration and you are listening to contemporary didgeridoo music.

P. lowman

- New Zealand
10:38 pm Tuesday 23 May 2017
What is a beautifully disdained large blow? And it's heirloom ...

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