Dialysis machines are 'imperative' for Whanganui region


Grey Power says it's time for Whanganui to get dialysis machines.

In response to an article in the Chronicle reporting Horowhenua getting machines while Whanganui was still waiting, president Don Burney said "Wanganui Grey Power members are pleased for diabetes sufferers in the Horowhenua area who are soon to have three machines installed in Levin.

"It is surprising though that a centre about 20 minutes from Palmerston North should be provided with this facility when a greater number of Wanganui based patients living an hour away still have to travel a much longer distance. "

Mr Burney said "there is a definite need for a similar facility at Whanganui Hospital and that need outweighs all the perceived problems - which can be addressed.

"For instance, the very substantial amount the WDHB pays to Mid Central for the treatment of its renal patients could well be applied to offset the cost of establishing a dialysis facility in Wanganui. In addition, the very significant travel costs between the two cities would no longer be a charge on the taxpayers."

Mr Burney said as the number of patients requiring dialysis is likely to increase it is "imperative that the matter is addressed now".

At a meeting of the Whanganui District Health Board on March 17 there was palpable upset and annoyance when the upcoming centralAlliance plan to put three kidney dialysis machines into the Horowhenua region was discussed.

Whanganui chief executive Julie Patterson said the kidney treatment model in Palmerston hospital was flawed and needed to be improved before it could be brought to Whanganui.

Whanganui has no machines.

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- Whanganui
08:46 am Wednesday 22 March 2017
The flaw in the 'model' is the public health care system. If there is no cost attributable to the provision of care, then there is no incentive for the health care system to optimise the provision of services. Note that:
a. Levin likely got 3 facilities because Wanganui couldn't charge extra for one.
b. Prospective patients at Wanganui could not pay more, knowing that they could save far more on petrol going to Palmerston North.
this is the genius of the market place. But observe how the political system's answer will be. Oh! You have 3 in Levin, well, we should have 3 in Wanganui, even if they operate at 65% utilisation, and even if they never recoup the investment. Yes, Wanganui is going to add to the burden of what ails the country, and no lesson will be learned thanks to this sordid political 'extortion' system.

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